The Roadmap to Self-Driving Vehicles

Sixty years ago, at a moment in time when visionary action was needed, Congress passed the federal interstate highway act. It brought mobility to a nation, strengthening the economy in a powerful way. This Congress is poised to make history again….to make its own tremendous advancements in transportation by liberating innovation for self-driving vehicles.

Right now, Congress is laying out a road map for self-driving vehicles in order to bring a host of benefits to Americans.

In advance of House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing, the Coalition for Future Mobility stresses the critical need for federal regulatory framework allowing for safe development and deployment of AVs in the United States.

Coalition For Future Mobility Urges Bipartisan Leadership on Autonomous Vehicles in the 116th Congress

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Although many issues divide Congress, proposed legislation for self-driving vehicles has earned bipartisan support. And all of us — automakers, suppliers, smart transportation leaders and people with disabilities — thank the Senate and the House for taking visionary action.

Coalition Members